The 3D Architects 3d Rendering Prices:

At Renderluxe UK prices vary depending on how much work is involved, the size of the final 3D render, the details supplied to us and scope of work. If multiple images of the same room are required, the 3D rendering price per image may be discounted more towards the lower end of the guide below.

3D Rendering Prices Cost
Exterior – Residential €300-€2000
Exterior – Commercial €400-£3500
Interior – Residential €300-€750
Interior – Commercial €300-€1500
3D Floorplans €75-€600*
2D coloured Floorplans €50-€500*
2D black and white floorplans €25-€300*

*The price for floor plans can change dramatically depending on the files supplied by the customer. Supplying our team with dwg files can keep costs and turn-around times significantly lower.